Inex Group offers its clients to insure the subscribed (online) parcel before sending it to Georgia and thus ensure full compensation for the loss of the parcel in case of its loss or damage during transportation.

The subscribed parcel can be insured before sending the parcel to Georgia.

How to insure a parcel?

In order to be able to insure the parcel, it is necessary to turn on insurance option before the parcel is sent to Georgia. The function must be activated from personal account for each package individually.

Insurance cost

The cost of insurance is 10% of the value of the parcel and this amount is calculated and paid together with the cost of transportation. If you have already paid the shipping cost, then insurance cannot be included.

Terms and Conditions

Damage will be reimbursed in case of loss of the parcel or damage to its contents. Inex Group will not reimburse you for any damage caused by damage to the contents of the parcel unless external damage to the parcel is observed. Damage is reimbursed only if the parcel was delivered safely to our office abroad, and its damage will be recorded at the time of issuance in Georgia.

Please note that claims from the customer will be accepted only at the time of withdrawal of the insured parcel. No claims on the parcel will be considered!

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