How can you get a student discount?

To get a discount, register and send: 

  • ID card
  • statement about student status issued by the university 
  • IG number of the personal room assigned to you

The documentation should be sent on the following address:  

How is the shipping cost calculated?

From USA, Great Britain, Germany, Italy, Greece, Cyprus and Turkey the transport cost is considered in actual weight. 

Transportation price for parcels from China are counted either according to volume weight of by actual weight. If the actual weight is greater than the volumetric weight, the shipping fee is calculated based on the actual weight, and if the volumetric weight of the package is greater than the actual weight, the carrier's fee is calculated based on the volumetric weight.

  • The minimum weight on parcels from Great Britain, Germany, Greece, Cyprus and Italy is 200 gr.
  • The minimum weight on parcels from Turkey, USA and China is 100 gr.
Standard Tariffs
  • United States 8.5 USD
  • United Kingdom 6.5 GBP
  • Italy 4.5 EUR
  • Greece 3.5 EUR
  • China 12.5 USD
  • Germany 8 EUR
  • Turkey 4 USD
  • Cyprus 4 EUR
Tariffs for Students
  • United States 8 USD
  • United Kingdom 6 GBP
  • Italy 4 EUR
  • Greece 3 EUR
  • China 12 USD
  • Germany 7.5 EUR
  • Turkey 3 USD
  • Cyprus 3.5 EUR
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