How to shop online?

▶ Sign up in at a site where you wish to buy an item;

▶ Sign up at our site

▶ After logging in to  our addresses section will show the addresses of the 8 countries assigned to you. You must "copy" them during shopping on the site of online store in the appropriate fields (the photo shows the US address example, you can do the same if you use another country address));

▶ When choosing an address, keep in mind from which country site you want to check out from. 

▶ A few days after checking item out, the courier shall pick up your parcel from the store and deliver it at our office (in this case the US warehouse).

▶ You shall receive the "tracking number" of this parcel by e-mail, after which you shall need to log in to our site and in the "My Room" section you shall have to declare this parcel.

▶ Declaring is a fairly simple procedure, you only need to fill in a few fields:

Tracking - the code received by e-mail

Cost - the amount paid for an item

Online Store - Item Link

Item Description - What you bought.

▶ After declaring just wait for your parcel

Video tutorial

Do you need help with online shopping? Watch video tutorial.
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