Parcel Transportations by Sea


Inex Groups's customers can order parcels from China and use sea transportation service.

Tariffs: 1 kg - 5$ (up to 20 kg); 1 kg - 4.5$ (from 20 kg to 50 kg); 1 kg - 4$ (over 50 kg)

Estimated duration of transportation: 1 - 1.5 months. Parcels will be shipped once a month.

The minimum weight on parcel is 100 gr.

Transportation price for parcels from China are counted either according to volume weight of by actual weight. If the actual weight is greater than the volumetric weight, the shipping fee is calculated based on the actual weight, and if the volumetric weight of the package is greater than the actual weight, the carrier's fee is calculated based on the volumetric weight.

In case you want to use this service, when ordering the item, you must specify the address assigned to the sea shipment, which you will find in the address section of the personal cabinet.

Please note that it is physically impossible to transfer a parcel registered for air transportation to sea transportation.

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